Friday, December 14, 2012


Bowing before the first teacher;my mother,
And the great teacher;my father,
I can say aloud, what I will be,
Since my built; the gift of teachers.

They say,its the teacher,

who shows the God.
And the teachers'thoughts,
reflect through their children.

I feel,the blessings of teachers,when

My students' eyes sparkle with my words.
I'm sure,I can bridge the gap,
And generate power in them.

Teacher always stands as a tower
As he makes nice citizens
Its only a teacher can feel,
No envy of student's success

It's only a teacher can,
Also be a student all the time,
And can be so humble,
Even his horizons enlarge.

See,what a teacher can do?
Make others imbibe the philosophy,
Of never quitting in pursuit of excellence,
And alter the sparks to flames.

Its not the work of files,
But the file of history bow before,
What the teacher do for ever,
And that'swhy I want to be a teacher.


  1. I am not a teacher
    But, teaching is in my blood
    Because, my father was a teacher
    And, that's the greatness of teaching!

    - Dr P Malankot Eng. Mal.