Thursday, October 14, 2010


This is what everyone wants
Irrespective of differences.
The baby in the cradle,
Children play mischieves,
The flaming teen-agers,
The youth,the middle aged,
Those; about  to their graves,
All,want 'it'; want to be recognised !

Hark ! what eternal questions burn us
" Who am I ? " and " who are you ?"
That also will lead to the answer
To get recognised one's identity,
To see the secret of birth
To find the purpose of living and
The question of recognition after death
Whether 'the reward' or 'punishment' awaits
What risks, what turmoils
What struggles to get recognised

What different roles we play,
A lot complaints we hear
To so many ; we answer
Many times we feel desp
Still none to realise , we feel
Even those who near to us,
Those we trow will be with us,
To whom we work everytime
wont realise us at times.

But feel not the bad of them,for
They also suffer the same
And be optimist, for, at least one,
May be the Almighty !
To give us , what we deserve
That is my recognition, and
That the eternal one !!