Monday, July 11, 2011

Behind the Mask.......................?

Am I wearing a mask of humble manners?
Is it my real self, or it wandering elsewhere?
They say face mirrors the mind
But is it true with me?
I feel "something "smashing within
Though its reflections don't appear
A deep sea is roaring there ,
Beneath my peacefull exterior.
I can't show my true self ,
Being meek and mild a creature .
Loosing myself in pretentions
And laughing away the tears!
I can't but beat myself for
My fearfull escape from everything
I know nothing worthwhile in me
Except some notions and dreams.
How can I pluck their fruits
Being floating like a log?


  1. Why don’t remove that mask
    Some silent sleepless night
    In true noetic light of eyes
    A mirror of your choice
    Argue and offend
    In favor of your dreams
    When vying with some zeal
    Feel happy then you sleep
    With the morn of the night
    With clear insight
    Wade into your bog
    And maneuver your log.